Behind the Drunk Dialing

Of course you’ve never done it, but sometimes people drink a little too much and make a call late at night to tell someone how they really feel. (Hint Alert!) It’s usually a bad idea.

What we can learn from this charming song is: If you do choose to engage in a little drunk dialing or a bit of smashed snapchatting, try not to leave a trace.

Because this!

It’s possible that we actually know who this guy is. But we’re party to a non-disclosure agreement that prevents us from revealing our suspicions.

Perpetually Skeptical

It’s cool to be skeptical. When you turn out to be right, everyone thinks about how smart you are. And if you turn out to be wrong, the worst that happens is that you get to say, “Well I’ll be! Who would have believed that?!”

Ukrainian engineer, Valeriy Ivanov released nearly 100 videos like this one on YouTube to demonstrate scientific principles he hopes kids will find engaging and that will inspire them to learn more.

What actually happened, is that he mobilized a veritable army in the YouTube peanut gallery to give voice to their opinions about how he created the magic. Set aside your own doubts for just a moment and take a look at one example of perpetual magic.

Somewhere, there is an aging purple Smurf™ who’s lamenting, “It’ll never work!” But the bumblebee and Valeriy aren’t interested in that. They’re just out to do their work.