The Online Video Economy

Most of the time we talk about what you can see online that will entertain you. Occasionally we find things that can inform you as well. This short video explains some hard facts about how videos are treated (and monetized) on Facebook vs. YouTube.

It’s short, but very informative.

Depending upon how much you care about individual content creators, you may have some homework now.

You’re Half the World Away

Someone told us a long time that we should keep an eye on the ads from John Lewis, especially the Christmas ads. These folks don’t wait for the Super Bowl (darn barbarian Yankee spectacle) to unleash their best schmaltz on us.

On the other hand, if you are someone (like us) who cries at the Hallmark ads, then this will cost you a box of tissues for sure.

We’ve always wondered what he gets for Christmas — that #ManOnTheMoon.

Stay tuned now, cuz in the coming year we’ll be bringing you Trendinistas and other fun online content. Tell your friends.

The Migration of Influence

Researchers at the University of Texas thought to study trends in migration by thought leaders and influencers throughout history. This video takes a rapid look through the visualizations that emerged.

Data visualization is a rapidly emerging craft, to the extent that like computer programming, it is no longer practiced only by specialists. Where once people identified themselves as programmers, or developers, or data scientists, it is now becoming common for people in a variety of professional roles to use the techniques and tools of those more specialized jobs.

Take a look at this journey through history and get just a glimpse of the insight available from the UT study.

Maximilian Schich (from UT Dallas) is now among our heroes for the base research that went into this video.