Travel in Time

In the 1970s, no one really knew what would happen to Lyle Lovett and Nanci Griffith. They were just hard working and talented musicians in a time and place that was amenable to their dreams.

This rare video contains a performance that looks like just about any other ordinary backyard barbeque somewhere in Texas. For fans of either, this is a wonderful glimpse of two young future stars.

The next time your party or barbeque is graced with a live musical performance, maybe you’ll look at the stage and imagine something great for the folks standing there.

Certainly, every time people perform music live for you to hear, it’s an amazing gift. Thank them properly.


Ovation Pictures creates something almost every year for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. Fans of Be My Guest and of this blog have seen many of their contributions to the 48HFP catalog.

This entry won them the Producers’ Choice Award, their second such award in a row for San Jose. We think you’ll like it too.

The San Jose competition for 2016 is planned for the springtime, and viewers of Be My Guest will be seeing more of Ovation Pictures in the coming season.

Can a Black Hole Fit in a Nutshell?

We always wondered about that. Because if a black hole could fit in a nutshell, would you want to keep it in your pocket? Could be handy we think.

Good learning videos from a good source. This is the sort of thing that Patreon was designed to support. Give their campaign a look. You might find one of the perks there that amuses you as much as this fun video.

This article sponsored by Schoolhouse Earth, a foundation committed to providing learning experiences where ever we find a gap. Schoolhouse Earth regularly contributes to See It Online with topics that address learning and online education.

Motor-Mouthin’ with the King

For all the memorable and iconic things George Carlin brought to comedy, his bits that involved lengthy complex gags delivered at machine gun speed was one of the best.

From the early days with “Al Sleed, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman” to this gem from late in his career, the motor-mouthed bits were possibly our favorites.

Of course 40 years afterward, our broadcast regulators STILL haven’t decided what to do with the “7 Words You Can’t Say…

It’s probably irrelevant now anyway. You watch everything online, right?


What Breaks First

This ad from the geniuses at John Lewis asks us to consider some important questions.

Such as “how much value do we associate with the experience of unrestrained joy?” Or, “how far do we have to go to creep out a dim-witted brother?”

Perhaps the most important of all, “is there actually a glass?” You decide!

We do know one thing. Sometimes, you just gotta dance!

Simple Wish List

Filmmaker Maurice Molyneaux and The Kinsey Sicks have been working together for quite some time now. In the past, we’ve featured other collaborations of theirs.

They put this piece together for the holidays (see what we did there?) and although they debated about whether the release date was painfully close to the Charleston mass shootings, it seems like any time would be too close to a recent tragedy.

Huffington Post recently featured the video, and it will probably sneak into some families’ surprise playlist as the holiday season unfolds.

Be My Guest – the variety show too big to fit into just one reality!

Meanwhile, you can more of Molyneaux’s work when Be My Guest releases its Season 2 finale’.  San Francisco area fans can attend the show live at the Hotel Utah, and for those who are further away, its on Livestream and in Second Life. Details can be found here.