Maps and History

You may have quibbles with the underlying dataset, or with the style of this depiction, but you can’t deny that this way of viewing the events of history opens up new ideas and questions for discussion.

We found a treasure trove of similar video that addresses both historical and contemporary events in this same visual fashion. We were left with a lot of questions.

Good Content Trumps Awkward Delivery

We’ve watched literally hundreds of hours of video designed for online learning and we’ve seen results all over the map.

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It was surprising to us that we found this video ultimately to be very good in spite of its awkward approach to delivery and presentation. Give this one about 10 minutes of viewing if you’re interested in either education or in Big Data. You may be surprised by what you learn, or what you see about how to clearly explain a vast domain of knowledge.

We thought the voice might be a machine voice at the beginning, and as we accepted that, we were able to appreciate the clarity of the content delivery. After some consideration, we believe this might have been a person after all.

No matter what, we took away some new insights both about Big Data and about what makes a learning video work.

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