Break Three Records At Once

Readers of this blog will already know that we cannot resist a good fractal animation or autonomous musical device. Another thing we can’t resist is a great chain reaction.

This video has the biggest one ever, and more! It shows the world record for the most number of disc cases toppled in domino fashion, the largest stick bomb, and the largest domino wall in history.

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Deux ex Musica

We’ve long been delighted and intrigued by the fanciful music machines contrived for the Animusic series. Even decades after the premiere of that video series, the virtual devices that appeared to make music with their gears and pulleys continues to entertain us.

Now there’s a “living breathing” example of such a machine. Take a look!

We stand in awe, and will most certainly annoy many of those around us by replaying this video over and over for the next few weeks.