Marble Racing – How Did We Miss This?

For a long time, we were a fan of college basketball, but we found that most fans were just hoping for their bets to pan out. Then we followed celebrity poker for a bit, and that offered some entertainment, but really lacked the drama we craved.

Professional wrestling held an allure, but we soon realized that the narrative was just playing to our unsatisfied sense of justice.

Then… then we discovered Marble Racing and all of our prayers were answered. (BTW, headsets on, the audio for this is NSFW. On the other hand, the sounds you’ll make when you watch are probably also evidence that your boss can point to when making an argument that you’re supposed to be working!)

If you crave drama, and laughs, and surprises, you’ll want to keep your eye on the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project coming up in just a few days. You can still enter a team to make a movie and compete, and you can definitely be at the screenings late this month to see what stories emerged. It is not to be missed!