Just 207 Words

We haven’t had a lot of chances to watch Louis CK work a crowd, but this seemed like a good time. Nerdwriter1 decided to illustrate the anatomy of both a Louis CK joke, and his masterful delivery.

We thought it wise to watch some of his work before studying this analysis, and were delighted by both experiences.

Now take a look if you will, at the magic that can be rendered with just 207 words.

We’re usually predisposed to let the comedy happen how it will and not dig too deep to see the gears turning. But this time it turned out to be both instructive and hilarious.

Comedy seems to be the most popular mechanism for entertainment among the participants in the 48 Hour Film Project. It’s probably because when people are having fun making a movie, they tend to want to laugh, and that makes them want the audience to laugh, and well…

The San Jose 48 Hour Film Project is going to happen in early Springtime (probably the start of April) and if you have a desire to make an audience laugh, you’ll be able to sign up right around the start of next month. keep an eye on their website or the Facebook page for news as the registration launch grows near.

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