Small Block, Big Lawn

Sometimes we do things because we think it’s a better way. Sometimes we do things because there’s a chance that it will make a difference, or solve a long-standing problem, or improve a condition we see around us.

And sometimes we do something just because of the sound!

There’s just something about that sound that stirs the blood for certain people. We confess to being in that group!

Just as some people can’t resist putting a small block chevy on anything with a fuel tank, other people can’t resist making a movie or video about something on their mind.

The 48 Hour Film Project was made for those people. It’s the oldest and largest time-based filmmaking challenge that invites participants to write, direct, and edit a short film in just two days.

In San Jose, the competition will take place in April this year, and you can start some of your planning now. Registration will begin in a few days. When you complete your movie and turn it in, you’ll see it screened in a theatre before a packed house audience.


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