Pay No Attention…

When you’re interviewing with BBC, AND you want to be known as a thought leader on geopolitics in Asia, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain your composure when toddlers invade.

We might not be unveiling a spoiler when we tell you that we watched this well over a dozen times, and it might have gotten funnier each time.

We’re pretty sure that someone had to exercise great restraint to avoid the urge to say, “Pay no attention to the toddlers behind the pundit!”

Now that he’s gone viral and it appears that at least one member of his family is destined for YouTube stardom, we have to wonder if “somebody” in this video is still grounded for a month!

Sometimes sublime comedy comes from happenstance and life in the moment. And sometimes it comes from a great idea and rapid realization of the idea. THAT’S what happens in the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project — returning to San Jose for it’s 10th time!

Teams will compete by making a movie in two days, and then see the movie screened in downtown San Jose before a packed-house audience. It’s good fun for the contestants, and good entertainment for the audiences at the screening.

Sign up to enter a filmmaking team at the San Jose 48HFP website. Or follow the Facebook page for news about the social events, the screenings and the Awards Gala.



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