SF 2010 48HFP Awards

The San Francisco Awards have been presented

We showed you 14 of the top (and representative) films from the 2010 event. We also announced the names of films that were deemed noteworthy by the judges and the event team.

These awards were presented during the evening:

Best of City – Nominees: Albatross, Snatching Feargus, The Yesterage (Winner: Albatross)
Best Direction – Nominees: Albatross, The Yesterage, Antique Plates and You (Winner: The Yesterage)
Best Screenplay – Nominees: Albatross, Nexus, Snatching Feargus (Winner: Albatross)
Best Actor – Nominees: Shane Fahey, Snatching Feargus, Colin Hussey, The Mugging, John Sullivan, The Beaten Path (Winner: Shane Fahy, Snatching Feargus)
Best Actress – Nominees: Antique Plates, Ladycat, The Mugging (Winner: Pearl Marrill, Ladycat)
Best Ensemble Acting – (Winner: Albatross)
Best Cinematography – (Winner: Albatross)
Best Editing – (Winner: The Yesterage)
Best Sound Design – (Winner: Roots, Thirds, and Fifths)
Best Visual Effects – Nominees: Matron, No Exit, Okiku (Winner: Matron)
Best Costumes – (Winner: Ladycat)
Best Music – (Winner: Roots, Thirds, and Fifths)
Best Makeup – (Winner: Snatching Feargus)
Community Player Award – (Winner: Tony Nguyen from It Donned On Me, Luan Huynh from EyeQ Films)

Audience Choice

Screening Group A (nominees) – Albatross, Beaten Path, Nexus – (Winner: Nexus)
Screening Group B (nominees) – 3 Sisters, Something to Die For, Thief in the Night (Winner: Thief in the Night)
Screening Group C (nominees) – Okiku, One of Two, The Yesterage (Winner: Okiku)
Screening Group D (nominees) – Antique Plates and You, Leftovers, Untied
Screening Group E (nominees) – How To Fly A Kite – Ladycat – The Vault (Winner: Ladycat)

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