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Cog in a Machine?

We found this mesmerizing little video to be addictive.

Your challenge here (if you choose to accept it,) is to watch this video without looking at the time shuttle. Also, find yourself if you can, in this societal morality play.

Short filmmakers around the world use the opportunity of the 48 Hour Film Project to focus and showcase their talents. The City Winners from over 120 cities worldwide gather for Filmapalooza to screen their work and to meet other filmmakers and the event producers.

This year it happens in Seattle between Mar 1 and 4. You can register to be a part of it at this page.

48HFP Awards Nominations 2016

The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is the oldest and largest time-based filmmaking competition in the world. It is now conducted in over 120 cities worldwide. San Francisco held its 14 annual competition earlier this summer and the Awards will be presented on Oct 22nd.

Here are the nominees for the 14th annual San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

Audience Choice Finalists

Group A

  • Repertoire – Inspect the Uninspected
  • Demogorgon – A Better Place
  • Michael Bolton Scream Machine Team – The Host
  • Barewitness Films – The Big Kick

Group B

  • International High School – Morbid Artistry
  • The Letter 6 – Dave’s Delivery
  • Hardly Even Films – Christmas in August

Group C

  • Heem Team – Hip Road to Ster Town
  • El Molino High School Digital Media – Over the Fence
  • Feintly – Enclave

Group D

  • Fish Eye Films – Browler Bros
  • Team Bugbear – Volition
  • Sixty Sixers – Dirty Work

Best Trailer

  • Curly Haired People – Wrong Guy Wrong Place Wrong Time
  • Hardly Even Films – Christmas in August
  • Madras Mantle – Oliver’s Tryst

 Funniest Moment

  • International High School – Morbid Artistry 
  • Curly Haired People –  Wrong Guy Wrong Place Wrong Time
  • TBP – The Hanging Chads

Best of the Late Films

  • Fabulist Films – On The Case
  • Fluck The Dimshut Production – The Road To One
  • Wineglass Productions – Dead Roses

Best Costumes

  • Heem Team –  Hip Road to Ster Town
  • TBP – The Hanging Chads
  • Naptime – Loyalty

Best Choreography

  • Barewitness Films  – The Big Kick
  • Team Bugbear – Volition
  • Bay Area Natives – Foursquare Forever

Best Original Music Score

  • Team Bugbear – Volition
  • Repertoire – Inspect the Unexpected
  • Sixtysixers – Dirty Work

Best Use of Line

  • Repertoire –Inspect the Uninspected
  • Naptime – Loyalty
  • Sixtysixers – Dirty Work

Best Use of Prop

  • Demogorgon – A Better Place
  • Bay Area Natives – Foursquare Forever
  • Naptime – Loyalty

Best Use of Character

  • Square Marden – Rough Answers
  • Sixtysixers – Dirty Work
  • Repertoire – Inspect the Unexpected

Best Sound Design

  • Savage Six – The Escape
  • Feintly – Enclave
  • Repertoire – Inspect the Unexpected

Best Child Actors

  • Lily Gibbons as Young Lilly – A Better Place
  • Jack Gibbons as Young Jack – A Better Place
  • Jane Gibbons as Jane – A Better Place

Best Actor

  • Robert Watt AS Mr Lentwell – Dave’s Delivery
  • Mark Rachel AS Oliver Lentwell – The Big Kick
  • Ryan Wiley AS Reginald – Hanging Chads

Split Perspective

Life works out better when we realize that everything is perceived through split perspective. Here’s a great reminder of that from the talented folks at LifeUp! Productions.

You can see more great #48hfp movies by subscribing to Facebook groups for the competition in your city. Here are two that are certain to have great information for you as the season unfolds.

San Jose –

San Francisco –

Marble Racing – How Did We Miss This?

For a long time, we were a fan of college basketball, but we found that most fans were just hoping for their bets to pan out. Then we followed celebrity poker for a bit, and that offered some entertainment, but really lacked the drama we craved.

Professional wrestling held an allure, but we soon realized that the narrative was just playing to our unsatisfied sense of justice.

Then… then we discovered Marble Racing and all of our prayers were answered. (BTW, headsets on, the audio for this is NSFW. On the other hand, the sounds you’ll make when you watch are probably also evidence that your boss can point to when making an argument that you’re supposed to be working!)

If you crave drama, and laughs, and surprises, you’ll want to keep your eye on the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project coming up in just a few days. You can still enter a team to make a movie and compete, and you can definitely be at the screenings late this month to see what stories emerged. It is not to be missed!



Ovation Pictures creates something almost every year for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. Fans of Be My Guest and of this blog have seen many of their contributions to the 48HFP catalog.

This entry won them the Producers’ Choice Award, their second such award in a row for San Jose. We think you’ll like it too.

The San Jose competition for 2016 is planned for the springtime, and viewers of Be My Guest will be seeing more of Ovation Pictures in the coming season.

Working for the Lunch Hour

Some days in the office, the best you can hope is just get to the next break. Anyone who’s ever worked in a call center will feel this next film touch a nerve.

This film from Once Upon a Thyme Productions fared well in the awards race for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project during 2013. This year the team is in the hunt for awards again.

Their newest film will screen on Sunday, Sep 20th at the Camera Cinema in downtown San Jose.  The show starts at 4:30 and you can get Tickets Here.

Nothing to See Here Malcolm

We’ve lost count of how many gems the filmmaking team Film Antics has produced in time-based film competitions

They’ve brought home awards for Cinematography, Acting, and have finished as City Winner or runner up on multiple occasions. This entry brought them the prize for Best Comedy.

You can see the latest 48 Hour Film Project entry from this team on Wed night (Aug 19) at 7pm in San Jose. Their film will screen with about a dozen others at the Camera 12 Cinema. You can get tickets here.