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Bay Area 48HFP Colleague Awards Results

The 48 Hour Film Project season for 2012 in San Francisco kicked off with the Colleague Awards.

In this very special event,  eight filmmakers who’ve created multiple award winning films in past years were invited to submit their favorite competition film from the past. Of the eight films, seven qualified for awards by submitting their film ready for screening, and by providing a judge from their team to be at the screening to complete a ballot.

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ArtShots Registration Final Week

One Filmmaker – One Artist – Two weeks – 90 seconds: Inspire us about this artist

ArtShots is a film making competition in which competitors are paired with prominent artists who become their subject matter. The filmmaker is challenged to deliver a 90 second sizzle reel that captures the essence of the artist or arts organization. They have 2 weeks to compile it.

For 2012, ArtShots expands its mandate to include artists and filmmakers from around the Bay Area. Partnerships with arts organizations and communities stretching from Berkeley to Mill Valley to Santa Cruz to Gilroy allow us to expose artists and filmmakers work to a wide geographic audience.

Registration is free for artists, and $40 for filmmaking teams. Deadline to sign up is Friday, Feb 3.

Sign up here: ArtShots Registration (

Meet your counterpart here: ArtShots Kickoff Gala (

ArtShots is sponsored by the Bay Area 48 Hour Film Project, CreatTV San Jose, and by Schoolhouse Earth.

The Actors’ Sandbox: Be an Actor

Held every Wednesday in Second Life, The Actors’ Sandbox is a tuition-free open enrollment workshop for voice and machinima actors.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Producers of machinima and other forms of animation are welcome to attend and observe. It’s an excellent opportunity to evaluate talent in a context free from the anticipation and tension of an audition.

More information about the workshop can be found here.

From the San Jose 48HFP Producer

Hello Bay Area 48 Hour Filmmakers and Fans!

Although the San Jose competition is complete, there is a lot of great news to share with you. So take a look and see what’s next for Bay Area independent and competitive filmmakers.

In this update:

  • San Jose Awards
  • National Film Challenge
  • 48 Hour Film Project Machinima
  • Poppy Jasper Film Festival Placement
  • ArtShots Returns
San Jose Awards
The awards for the 2011 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project are official. You can see them here at our City Page, or read a writeup at the See It Online blog along with judges biographies. The awards ceremony on Sept 10 was a big hit with candidate filmmakers turning out in force. This year we published a Twitter stream live from the show for filmmakers and fans who could not be there in person. The tweet activity can be seen collected at this page. Even if you were there, you might be interested to see what folks were tweeting from the theater.

National Film Challenge
Some competitive filmmakers cannot get enough of the game — so there’s the National Film Challenge, a sister competition to the 48HFP. Registration is open now and the competition weekend is Oct 21-24. Filmmakers can register right here, and film fans will want to sign up for updates so that you can see the films when they are completed. Or if you prefer, connect on Facebook to be a part of the conversation that surrounds this worldwide event.

48 Hour Film Project Machinima
Your event production team at the San Jose 48HFP couldn’t bear to see the filmmakers have all the fun, so we put together a team to submit an entry in the Machinima 48 Hour Film Project. According to the rules, our film could not compete for jury awards, but that was perfectly fine with us. Veteran 48HFP team leaders will tell you that the process and the experience of sharing the film with the audience are the really big prizes.

You can see the film we submitted along with the other astounding things that people create in machinima by attending the screening on Saturday, Oct 1. To attend, simply download the free software from Second Life and sign up for a free account. Details about the location will be available on the Machinima City page when they are official.

Poppy Jasper Film Festival Placement
Several of the films created for the San Jose competition will be seen by audiences at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival in October. MovieMaker Magazine called the Poppy Jasper “One of the top 25 festivals for bringing filmmakers and movie industry professionals together..

We’re proud to announce that these films will open the program at screenings throughout the festival weekend (Oct 14-16).
  • The Pile – Chikinbone
  • Stuffed – Square Marden
  • Give Me A Sign – South Bay Shooters
  • Dead Weight Man – Five by Five Films
  • Moonlight – EyeQ Films
  • Frank, The Genie, and the Golden Colt – Stabbin’ My Jelly!
Stay in touch with us through our Facebook page for news about showtimes so you can be there yourself!

ArtShots Returns
ArtShots is a filmmaking competition that pairs up filmmakers with prominent artists and arts organizations to make a short sizzle reel. Filmmakers who competed in the 2010 ArtShots competition had the opportunity to work closely with established artists such as the San Jose Symphony Chorale and power folk band Tin Cat.
We say that musicians and artists are the filmmakers’ resource for enhancing the fabric of your story on screen. So this competition gives artists and arts organizations a chance to be known, and filmmakers a chance to work with talented artists who might be perfect for the next project.

This year, arts and film community leaders in cities beyond the Silicon Valley have asked to have the competition include them. As a result, you can expect it to gain higher visibility than before. Filmmakers will be able to register for the competition beginning in the first week of October. Stay tuned to  our Facebook page for official details.

48HFP Filmmakers Don’t Sleep
Some of you don’t sleep during your competition weekend, and we’re committed to responding by continuing to remain alert for opportunities to offer you chances to get your work in front of audiences. Be sure and drop us a note if you see something you think we might try to get more eyeballs on your films. We’d love to hear from you.

Vincent Lowe – Producer San Jose 48 Hour Film Project
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The Actors’ Sandbox – Bay Area Edition

The folks at San Jose 48 Hour Film Project have created a special opportunity for Bay Area independent media producers to meet talented local actors and other producers. It’s called The Actors’ Sandbox. It is for actors, producers, directors, and especially for 48HFP team leaders.

On Saturday, July 30th, in partnership with Schoolhouse Earth, and Meets The Eye Studio in San Carlos, be there for a workshop designed to allow local actors to show off their skills, and to allow independent media producers to see who’s available and ready to go.

There is no charge for admission to this event, but there are a limited number of slots available for both actors and observers, so be sure to RSVP by emailing to reserve your seat. Here are the details:

The Actors’ Sandbox
Saturday, July 30
Meets The Eye Studio
939 Terminal Way, San Carlos 94070

SF 48 Hour Film Project 2011 Awards Nominees

The judges have deliberated, the scratching and clawing is over. What remains are mostly flesh wounds.

These are the nominees for awards (presented in alphabetical order) for the 2011 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

Best Use of Prop: Compulsion, Killin’ It In Reno, Mum
Best Use of Genre: How the Spot Was Won, Roomies, True North
Best Sound Design: Compulsion, How the Spot Was Won, Paranoid Passion
Production Design: How the Spot Was Won, Paranoid Passion, Repo Session
Best Original Song: Into the Sea, Jeb, Just the Way You Are
Best Score: Compulsion, Ezekiel, How the Spot Was Won
Best Editing: How the Spot Was Won, Paranoid Passion, Repo Session
Best Cinematography: Ezekiel, How the Spot Was Won, Repo Session
Best Writing: How the Spot Was Won, Killin’ It In Reno, Roomies
Best Ensemble Acting: Just the Way You Are, Paid In Full, Paranoid Passion
Best Acting: Erik Braa (Roomies), Kevin Kuczek (Ezekiel), Stevan Anaker (Just the Way You Are)
Best Direction: How the Spot Was Won, Paranoid Passion, Roomies
Best Film: How the Spot Was Won, Paranoid Passion, Roomies

The awards will be presented and top films screened on Sunday night, July 10 in San Francisco. Details are available here (or for you Facebook fans, they can be found here). Tickets are available in online in advance (recommended) or you can get them at the door until the house is full.

Award winning films will be screened and judges will share notes with the studio audience. The full roster of films to be screened will be announced on Saturday.

San Francisco 48HFP Awards Announced

San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project

The details are official! The 2011 Awards and Highlights show for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project will be held at Madrone Studios in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

The location for the event was selected not only for its suitability for an awards and screening event, but also because the facility is an interesting resource for independent media producers in the SF Bay Area. Madrone Studios boasts a sound stage, dressing and kitchen facilities, equipment and technical support suitable for public events and indoor film shoots, and a friendly, competent, and professional staff.

2011 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project
Awards and Highlights Show
July 10, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
Madrone Studios
1417 15th, San Francisco 94103
Tickets $10 (advance purchase, or at the door)

On June 10th, nearly 55 teams of independent filmmakers set out to create a short film (4-7 minutes) in a mere 48 hours. They were given a prop, line of dialog and a character that had to be included in the film. Then, to make matters more interesting, they were randomly assigned a genre. Their job was to write, shoot, edit and deliver the film by the evening of June 12th.

The films were seen by San Francisco audiences between June 15th and June 22nd. Then a jury of industry professionals, film community leaders, and festival producers reviewed the films to determine merit in a number of areas.

At the Awards and Highlights show, the awards will be announced, and a dozen of the films will be screened, interspersed with comments from the jurists.

There’s more of course. Awards will be presented for merit in the realm of community contribution, festival organization and more. Appearances by past award winners in several categories are also expected.

For fans of locally produced independent media, this is an evening not to miss.