Mark and the Robbers

Mark Rober took his razor sharp wit and went to work outfoxing the porch pirates of the world. His hilarious videos journaled his battle with porch pirates. He created the perfect porch bait, and his adventures easily went viral, creating a new career for him. Now, he’s topped himself by bringing battle to an adversaryContinue reading “Mark and the Robbers”

It’s Gold, It’s Slime, It’s Shredded!

We can never predict the types of things we’ll find irresistible. Okay, that’s not entirely true. Massively long domino runs, things exploding in slow motion, machines that have us question the nature of our existence, and any music video by OK Go… Also gold slime fed into an industrial grinder… Okay, that last one wasContinue reading “It’s Gold, It’s Slime, It’s Shredded!”

Just 207 Words

We haven’t had a lot of chances to watch Louis CK work a crowd, but this seemed like a good time. Nerdwriter1 decided to illustrate the anatomy of both a Louis CK joke, and his masterful delivery. We thought it wise to watch some of his work before studying this analysis, and were delighted byContinue reading “Just 207 Words”

You Could Look Right Inside

We’ve all probably seen some animation about how an internal combustion engine works. Usually it’s when we don’t care and we just want permission to take the car keys. But somehow, seeing the real thing happen in slow motion, and right in front of your eyes — it’s a different thing. We were afraid thatContinue reading “You Could Look Right Inside”

How Big is It? (Really?)

By now, most of us who are paying attention know that the traditional mercator projection is quite inaccurate when used for the world map. But did you know how inaccurate it is? Take a look at this enlightening (and delightful) journey around the world. You may have a moment of deja-vu when the narrator lapsesContinue reading “How Big is It? (Really?)”

No, It’s Not Your Eyes

This optical illusion designed by Kokichi Sugihara was selected as a finalist in the Best Illusion of the Year competition. We are reminded that our perception is fragile, its connection to reality tenuous. More details about the competition, and about Kokichi Sugihara can be found in this article at The Verge. Filmmakers make their livings from illusion.Continue reading “No, It’s Not Your Eyes”

Grilling Deep Dive

We all know that cooking is both a science and an art. In fact, maybe most art is a science and an art. This clip brings the both into focus as we see how to sear the surface of a good steak. Okay, Now we’re hungry! Hey just a reminder YouTubers and filmmakers. There’s still a chanceContinue reading “Grilling Deep Dive”

New Connections All Over

Have you ever seen the BBC program “Connections” with James Burke? Chances are, if you have a television (still) you’ve come across it at least once. For those of you who admired the show, or James Burke greatly and wish there were more, here’s someone who may one day fill his shoes. Tom Scott isContinue reading “New Connections All Over”

Maps and History

You may have quibbles with the underlying dataset, or with the style of this depiction, but you can’t deny that this way of viewing the events of history opens up new ideas and questions for discussion. We found a treasure trove of similar video that addresses both historical and contemporary events in this same visualContinue reading “Maps and History”