You Could Look Right Inside

We’ve all probably seen some animation about how an internal combustion engine works. Usually it’s when we don’t care and we just want permission to take the car keys. But somehow, seeing the real thing happen in slow motion, and right in front of your eyes — it’s a different thing. We were afraid thatContinue reading “You Could Look Right Inside”

How Big is It? (Really?)

By now, most of us who are paying attention know that the traditional mercator projection is quite inaccurate when used for the world map. But did you know how inaccurate it is? Take a look at this enlightening (and delightful) journey around the world. You may have a moment of deja-vu when the narrator lapsesContinue reading “How Big is It? (Really?)”

Grilling Deep Dive

We all know that cooking is both a science and an art. In fact, maybe most art is a science and an art. This clip brings the both into focus as we see how to sear the surface of a good steak. Okay, Now we’re hungry! Hey just a reminder YouTubers and filmmakers. There’s still a chanceContinue reading “Grilling Deep Dive”

Fire an Arrow? I Think NOT Sir!

We love to see the battles in movies where they use fire arrows. It seems like such a good idea on a movie screen. But would it really work? This charming video explores the matter. It’s longer than we normally post, but we couldn’t stop watching because the narrator is just so darned engaging. BeContinue reading “Fire an Arrow? I Think NOT Sir!”

Maps and History

You may have quibbles with the underlying dataset, or with the style of this depiction, but you can’t deny that this way of viewing the events of history opens up new ideas and questions for discussion. We found a treasure trove of similar video that addresses both historical and contemporary events in this same visualContinue reading “Maps and History”

Oh Inconstant Moons

Our friends at Schoolhouse Earth asked us to make it a practice to continue presenting interesting learning videos. The folks at “In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt” have created a steady stream of good candidates, so it’s an easy request to accommodate. Here’s a very charming look at two of our favorite tiny moons. Deimos andContinue reading “Oh Inconstant Moons”

Can a Black Hole Fit in a Nutshell?

We always wondered about that. Because if a black hole could fit in a nutshell, would you want to keep it in your pocket? Could be handy we think. Good learning videos from a good source. This is the sort of thing that Patreon was designed to support. Give their campaign a look. You might findContinue reading “Can a Black Hole Fit in a Nutshell?”

Motor-Mouthin’ with the King

For all the memorable and iconic things George Carlin brought to comedy, his bits that involved lengthy complex gags delivered at machine gun speed was one of the best. From the early days with “Al Sleed, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman” to this gem from late in his career, the motor-mouthed bits were possibly our favorites. Of courseContinue reading “Motor-Mouthin’ with the King”

Learning Enters a New Realm

We’ve seen a lot of talk about where video belongs in modern learning. The #edchat and #edtech communities argue endlessly about how to use the tool effectively. Leave it to Lewis Haast to show us just what to do! It may not be a #modernlearning approach for all uses, but we can see how thisContinue reading “Learning Enters a New Realm”

The Online Video Economy

Most of the time we talk about what you can see online that will entertain you. Occasionally we find things that can inform you as well. This short video explains some hard facts about how videos are treated (and monetized) on Facebook vs. YouTube. It’s short, but very informative. Depending upon how much you careContinue reading “The Online Video Economy”