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What Breaks First

This ad from the geniuses at John Lewis asks us to consider some important questions.

Such as “how much value do we associate with the experience of unrestrained joy?” Or, “how far do we have to go to creep out a dim-witted brother?”

Perhaps the most important of all, “is there actually a glass?” You decide!

We do know one thing. Sometimes, you just gotta dance!

You’re Half the World Away

Someone told us a long time that we should keep an eye on the ads from John Lewis, especially the Christmas ads. These folks don’t wait for the Super Bowl (darn barbarian Yankee spectacle) to unleash their best schmaltz on us.

On the other hand, if you are someone (like us) who cries at the Hallmark ads, then this will cost you a box of tissues for sure.

We’ve always wondered what he gets for Christmas — that #ManOnTheMoon.

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