Just a Moment

It seems that we’re increasingly obsessed with capturing the moment, preserving the moment,  recording the moment… Here’s an idea though. Could we simply pause to relish the moment? The opening shots of the video tell us that most of the visual activity happened in 4.2 seconds. That truly is amazing. We think it’s also okay to be amazedContinue reading “Just a Moment”

Sound of the Age

The coalescence of events from events from early November of 2016 will stand in history as a pivotal moment. We’re reminded of the depiction of 1968 in the mini-series “From Earth to the Moon” One outcome is that the number of otherwise civil and courteous people who regularly invoke the F-bomb will turn out to have reachedContinue reading “Sound of the Age”

Sometimes a Small Voice

In a world of big production values, loud vitriolic debates, and self-indulgent superstars – can something like this make a difference? We’re still drying our eyes over here. (And then the song loops and our Kleenex supply dwindles further.) Maati Baani’s channel has more. We recommend it and encourage you to subscribe and give a bigContinue reading “Sometimes a Small Voice”

Memoria Musica

Music can take many places in our lives. It can recreate a heartbreak, inspire us to joy or to glory, or it can memorialize a loving relationship that is now complete. Joe DeRose can often be seen playing in Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. Keep an eye out for your next chance to seeContinue reading “Memoria Musica”

Deux ex Musica

We’ve long been delighted and intrigued by the fanciful music machines contrived for the Animusic series. Even decades after the premiere of that video series, the virtual devices that appeared to make music with their gears and pulleys continues to entertain us. Now there’s a “living breathing” example of such a machine. Take a look!Continue reading “Deux ex Musica”

Simple Wish List

Filmmaker Maurice Molyneaux and The Kinsey Sicks have been working together for quite some time now. In the past, we’ve featured other collaborations of theirs. They put this piece together for the holidays (see what we did there?) and although they debated about whether the release date was painfully close to the Charleston mass shootings,Continue reading “Simple Wish List”

Behind the Drunk Dialing

Of course you’ve never done it, but sometimes people drink a little too much and make a call late at night to tell someone how they really feel. (Hint Alert!) It’s usually a bad idea. What we can learn from this charming song is: If you do choose to engage in a little drunk dialing orContinue reading “Behind the Drunk Dialing”