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Videos made for music, from music, and set to music. It if tickles my fancy or chaps my aspirations… I may put it in here.

Simple Wish List

Filmmaker Maurice Molyneaux and The Kinsey Sicks have been working together for quite some time now. In the past, we’ve featured other collaborations of theirs.

They put this piece together for the holidays (see what we did there?) and although they debated about whether the release date was painfully close to the Charleston mass shootings, it seems like any time would be too close to a recent tragedy.

Huffington Post recently featured the video, and it will probably sneak into some families’ surprise playlist as the holiday season unfolds.

Be My Guest – the variety show too big to fit into just one reality!

Meanwhile, you can more of Molyneaux’s work when Be My Guest releases its Season 2 finale’.  San Francisco area fans can attend the show live at the Hotel Utah, and for those who are further away, its on Livestream and in Second Life. Details can be found here.

Behind the Drunk Dialing

Of course you’ve never done it, but sometimes people drink a little too much and make a call late at night to tell someone how they really feel. (Hint Alert!) It’s usually a bad idea.

What we can learn from this charming song is: If you do choose to engage in a little drunk dialing or a bit of smashed snapchatting, try not to leave a trace.

Because this!

It’s possible that we actually know who this guy is. But we’re party to a non-disclosure agreement that prevents us from revealing our suspicions.

She Captured the Heart

You’ll hear a lot about Luna Lee in times to come. And when it happens, YOU’LL be one of the people who says, “I knew it all along.”

Listen to this, and you’ll see why.

After that, you might just want to add her Facebook page, her YouTube Channel, and anything else she decides to publish.

If you’re not sure yet, just comb through some of her other tracks online. You’ll see that she’s no parlor trick.

Don’t forget who told you. We’ll be back in a few days with something else amazing.