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How Much Help is Too Much?

We’ve recently found ourselves enchanted by the British series Black Mirror. When science fiction first began to appear in film and on television, we hoped this is what would happen.

After the monster features, and after the space opera and superheroes, we knew there would eventually be a place for thoughtful, insightful explorations of how technology affects and  changes us.

This short film looks like something that would have appeared on the anthology series, except that it’s French. (and isn’t the British television forbidden by law to present such?)

This beautifully crafted SF film explores the possibility that there might be such a thing as too much help.

We are always enchanted by the minds of modern short filmmakers; the ones who understand that 100 minutes is no longer the gold standard for movie length.


48HFP Awards Nominations 2016

The 48 Hour Film Project (48HFP) is the oldest and largest time-based filmmaking competition in the world. It is now conducted in over 120 cities worldwide. San Francisco held its 14 annual competition earlier this summer and the Awards will be presented on Oct 22nd.

Here are the nominees for the 14th annual San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

Audience Choice Finalists

Group A

  • Repertoire – Inspect the Uninspected
  • Demogorgon – A Better Place
  • Michael Bolton Scream Machine Team – The Host
  • Barewitness Films – The Big Kick

Group B

  • International High School – Morbid Artistry
  • The Letter 6 – Dave’s Delivery
  • Hardly Even Films – Christmas in August

Group C

  • Heem Team – Hip Road to Ster Town
  • El Molino High School Digital Media – Over the Fence
  • Feintly – Enclave

Group D

  • Fish Eye Films – Browler Bros
  • Team Bugbear – Volition
  • Sixty Sixers – Dirty Work

Best Trailer

  • Curly Haired People – Wrong Guy Wrong Place Wrong Time
  • Hardly Even Films – Christmas in August
  • Madras Mantle – Oliver’s Tryst

 Funniest Moment

  • International High School – Morbid Artistry 
  • Curly Haired People –  Wrong Guy Wrong Place Wrong Time
  • TBP – The Hanging Chads

Best of the Late Films

  • Fabulist Films – On The Case
  • Fluck The Dimshut Production – The Road To One
  • Wineglass Productions – Dead Roses

Best Costumes

  • Heem Team –  Hip Road to Ster Town
  • TBP – The Hanging Chads
  • Naptime – Loyalty

Best Choreography

  • Barewitness Films  – The Big Kick
  • Team Bugbear – Volition
  • Bay Area Natives – Foursquare Forever

Best Original Music Score

  • Team Bugbear – Volition
  • Repertoire – Inspect the Unexpected
  • Sixtysixers – Dirty Work

Best Use of Line

  • Repertoire –Inspect the Uninspected
  • Naptime – Loyalty
  • Sixtysixers – Dirty Work

Best Use of Prop

  • Demogorgon – A Better Place
  • Bay Area Natives – Foursquare Forever
  • Naptime – Loyalty

Best Use of Character

  • Square Marden – Rough Answers
  • Sixtysixers – Dirty Work
  • Repertoire – Inspect the Unexpected

Best Sound Design

  • Savage Six – The Escape
  • Feintly – Enclave
  • Repertoire – Inspect the Unexpected

Best Child Actors

  • Lily Gibbons as Young Lilly – A Better Place
  • Jack Gibbons as Young Jack – A Better Place
  • Jane Gibbons as Jane – A Better Place

Best Actor

  • Robert Watt AS Mr Lentwell – Dave’s Delivery
  • Mark Rachel AS Oliver Lentwell – The Big Kick
  • Ryan Wiley AS Reginald – Hanging Chads

Sometimes a Small Voice

In a world of big production values, loud vitriolic debates, and self-indulgent superstars – can something like this make a difference?

We’re still drying our eyes over here. (And then the song loops and our Kleenex supply dwindles further.)

Maati Baani’s channel has more. We recommend it and encourage you to subscribe and give a big thumbs up to the videos you like.

Don’t forget to save the dates for the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project screenings on the weekend of Sept 10 and 11. Over three dozen filmmakers put together short films to entertain premiere audiences and you can be there to see it. Details are on their website.

No, It’s Not My Eyes

We came across this short film recently through a friend. It’s perfect! Simple set, simple story, moving performance.

Not to oversell it or anything, but go ahead and see if you can keep your eyes dry.

Many of our fans and friends tell us that they think this story is about them. The one take-away they all report in common is, “keep creating, keep performing, keep sharing your art, because someday that magic moment will come together and you want to be there!”

Maybe that magic moment for you is to have your next short movie shown in front of a full-house audience. It’s why they have the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

Learn more about it and sign up now if you have your own story to tell. You’ll never forget it, we promise!


Ovation Pictures creates something almost every year for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. Fans of Be My Guest and of this blog have seen many of their contributions to the 48HFP catalog.

This entry won them the Producers’ Choice Award, their second such award in a row for San Jose. We think you’ll like it too.

The San Jose competition for 2016 is planned for the springtime, and viewers of Be My Guest will be seeing more of Ovation Pictures in the coming season.

The Migration of Influence

Researchers at the University of Texas thought to study trends in migration by thought leaders and influencers throughout history. This video takes a rapid look through the visualizations that emerged.

Data visualization is a rapidly emerging craft, to the extent that like computer programming, it is no longer practiced only by specialists. Where once people identified themselves as programmers, or developers, or data scientists, it is now becoming common for people in a variety of professional roles to use the techniques and tools of those more specialized jobs.

Take a look at this journey through history and get just a glimpse of the insight available from the UT study.

Maximilian Schich (from UT Dallas) is now among our heroes for the base research that went into this video.