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Pay No Attention…

When you’re interviewing with BBC, AND you want to be known as a thought leader on geopolitics in Asia, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain your composure when toddlers invade.

We might not be unveiling a spoiler when we tell you that we watched this well over a dozen times, and it might have gotten funnier each time.

We’re pretty sure that someone had to exercise great restraint to avoid the urge to say, “Pay no attention to the toddlers behind the pundit!”

Now that he’s gone viral and it appears that at least one member of his family is destined for YouTube stardom, we have to wonder if “somebody” in this video is still grounded for a month!

Sometimes sublime comedy comes from happenstance and life in the moment. And sometimes it comes from a great idea and rapid realization of the idea. THAT’S what happens in the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project — returning to San Jose for it’s 10th time!

Teams will compete by making a movie in two days, and then see the movie screened in downtown San Jose before a packed-house audience. It’s good fun for the contestants, and good entertainment for the audiences at the screening.

Sign up to enter a filmmaking team at the San Jose 48HFP website. Or follow the Facebook page for news about the social events, the screenings and the Awards Gala.


Sound of the Age

The coalescence of events from events from early November of 2016 will stand in history as a pivotal moment. We’re reminded of the depiction of 1968 in the mini-series “From Earth to the Moon

One outcome is that the number of otherwise civil and courteous people who regularly invoke the F-bomb will turn out to have reached an unprecedented peak. It’s also likely that the Angry Face emoticon on Facebook will turn out to have spiked at a level many times higher than ever since its introduction.

Leonard Cohen and Rufus Wainwright will probably occupy a place in this era similar to that of Joan Baez and Arlo Guthrie. This performance will probably be the “Alice’s Restaurant” of our time.

Or… maybe it’s just a beautiful moment. Either way, we commend it to your attention now.

Artists everywhere are considering what they can do to contribute to the future of our society. Many of them will show up at the SF Bay Area 48 Hour Film Project meet & greet scheduled for Dec. 10.

Competitors, organizers, and fans of the 48HFP will drop in at the Octopus Literary Society for a gathering on Saturday, 12/10 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. You’ll find more details on the Facebook pages for both the San Francisco and the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project.

Outta This House!

If there were justice instead of simple rules of baseball, this would be worth two runs all by itself. Take a look and see if you agree.

We’ll be back this season with lots of news about online series, festivals, indie film releases and more.

Next episode of Be My Guest is only a few weeks away. Some important announcements about the 48 Hour Film Festival dates for 2017 are about to go public. And we have some staff favorites to share with you, so stay tuned…

Christmas Needs a Lot of Saving

Everybody knows about Little Cindy Lou Who, but do you know about someone else who saved Christmas?

For your consideration, we present one Zachary Alexander – an unlikely hero who carries the weight of an entire holiday on the brim of his hard hat.

Beyond Forever Studios, the team that made this film will be in the house on Sunday when the latest crop of Award nominees from the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project are screened.

Nearly a dozen great short films from San Jose will screen, and awards will be announced for the 2015 season. It’s Sunday, Sept 20 at 4:30pm and you can be there if you get tickets here.

See It For Real

Okay, we’ve been telling you about cool things to see online for a long time now. (This our 301st post in fact.)

Now there’s going to be a TV series written for movie screens (before the main feature) and for select local broadcast markets. And OF COURSE we’ll release episodes online after the premiere. The series is called Trendinistas, and it’s a panel show about the things that happen in online entertainment. You’re going to love it!

Meanwhile, given the weekend it is, and the fact that we’re going to use this clip in our first episode (taping tomorrow), we thought you should see this:

We hope you’ll become a Trendinista soon. And if you’re in the SF Bay Area, you could be in the studio audience for our next taping in May at the Poppy Jasper Film Festival.

If you’re part of our online audience, then use the comment blocks here (or any other means you know to be in touch with us) to tell us what you think our panelists should be talking about on the show!

Just for Boys

Every once in a while, you see a video that was clearly made for boys. Not a tawdry vulgar display of feminine flesh, or a breathless, unbelievable exhibition of sports prowess.

Imagine instead if you will, a death struggle between sleek, sexy machines that keep boys (and adult boys in the shapes of men) awake at night daydreaming of thundering engines, and a growling score syncopated to the screech of rubber on pavement.

It looks like this.

Many boys who watched this peered jealously at the passenger seat of that Dodge and hated the man sitting there for usurping their seat.

Not us of course, but we think others may feel that way.