Christmas Needs a Lot of Saving

Everybody knows about Little Cindy Lou Who, but do you know about someone else who saved Christmas? For your consideration, we present one Zachary Alexander – an unlikely hero who carries the weight of an entire holiday on the brim of his hard hat. Beyond Forever Studios, the team that made this film will beContinue reading “Christmas Needs a Lot of Saving”

See It For Real

Okay, we’ve been telling you about cool things to see online for a long time now. (This our 301st post in fact.) Now there’s going to be a TV series written for movie screens (before the main feature) and for select local broadcast markets. And OF COURSE we’ll release episodes online after the premiere. The seriesContinue reading “See It For Real”

We’ll Have What He’s Selling

We don’t usually post advertising here. But if we admit our secret shame, it’s that we really love ads when they’re done right. We often roll back the TiVo to show a favorite to a friend. We once made a mix tape that contained a whole season of favorite ads from around the world. WeContinue reading “We’ll Have What He’s Selling”