Just 207 Words

We haven’t had a lot of chances to watch Louis CK work a crowd, but this seemed like a good time. Nerdwriter1 decided to illustrate the anatomy of both a Louis CK joke, and his masterful delivery. We thought it wise to watch some of his work before studying this analysis, and were delighted byContinue reading “Just 207 Words”

Tears Don’t Always Hurt

We believe that tears have many uses. (You can use them to lubricate a door hinge if you collect enough. And they also make a great salad dressing, if you mix them with whiskey and remorse.) We challenge you to watch this clip to the end, and if you don’t experience tears, we’ll send you an AEDContinue reading “Tears Don’t Always Hurt”

Motor-Mouthin’ with the King

For all the memorable and iconic things George Carlin brought to comedy, his bits that involved lengthy complex gags delivered at machine gun speed was one of the best. From the early days with “Al Sleed, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman” to this gem from late in his career, the motor-mouthed bits were possibly our favorites. Of courseContinue reading “Motor-Mouthin’ with the King”

Behind the Drunk Dialing

Of course you’ve never done it, but sometimes people drink a little too much and make a call late at night to tell someone how they really feel. (Hint Alert!) It’s usually a bad idea. What we can learn from this charming song is: If you do choose to engage in a little drunk dialing orContinue reading “Behind the Drunk Dialing”

Be Happy! But What If I’m Jewish?

Our friends in The Kinsey Sicks thought about this classic for a while and realized that it wasn’t appropriate for every culture. So they gave us this! You can check out more of their work by subscribing to their YouTube channel.  Be sure and let them know how you feel. We’re certain that they’re dyingContinue reading “Be Happy! But What If I’m Jewish?”

In the Kitchen, Safety is Paramount

When it comes to the kitchen, safety is Rule #1. And when it comes to safety, listening to your wife is Rule #1. That is, if you can remember. This short film came from Ovation Pictures, whose latest work will show and be considered for Awards in the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project on Sunday.Continue reading “In the Kitchen, Safety is Paramount”

Starting Somewhere

It’s sort of a cliche’ that many now famous actors and musicians got their start while helping diners decide from among the specials. Here are two of today’s stars as they looked long ago, and a much humbler setting. (I guess that’s what we could call Dana Carvey’s old show.) Next year, you can expectContinue reading “Starting Somewhere”

Seriously, I Dig Your Chakra

For some of us, the cultural tone of yoga calls out. No matter what tho’ … it’s fun to fling the lingo. We dare you not to laugh (and especially not to chortle) as you meet – Yoga Girl! The creators of this piece were featured in our pages before. If you enjoyed this, jumpContinue reading “Seriously, I Dig Your Chakra”

PanReality Media Seeks Communications Director

PanReality Media is seeking a communications director to start immediately. This is a part-time position with very flexible working conditions, designed to fit the schedule of someone with a full time job elsewhere. Compensation package consists of significant equity in a vigorous emerging media company comprised of, and owned by, a troupe of talented performersContinue reading “PanReality Media Seeks Communications Director”