PanReality Media Seeks Communications Director

PanReality Media is seeking a communications director to start immediately. This is a part-time position with very flexible working conditions, designed to fit the schedule of someone with a full time job elsewhere. Compensation package consists of significant equity in a vigorous emerging media company comprised of, and owned by, a troupe of talented performersContinue reading “PanReality Media Seeks Communications Director”

Top Beer! Really?

Our friends at Top Beer TV released this little gem earlier this week. Would you think to make whiskey from a pretty decent beer (Racer 5 IPA)? Only the finest minds would dream of trying this out. You decide whether it’s a successful experiment. In case you don’t recognize his voice, the narrator is ErikContinue reading “Top Beer! Really?”

They Upload

We love to see the work of repeat 48HFP top performers. Jason Salazar has been behind several award-winning efforts in both San Jose and San Francisco. This web series is from his latest work. WARNING: This video is not “workplace-safe.” So unless your boss is on vacation and your most annoying co-workers are home sick,Continue reading “They Upload”

Stop! Don’t Watch This Episode

If you’ve been watching Ikea Heights, it’s about time you see their 2009 Halloween special. And if you haven’t become a fan of the series yet, then get yourself to the first episode and watch the ones that lead up to this explosion! No matter what you choose to do here, have fun! Now YOU’REContinue reading “Stop! Don’t Watch This Episode”