One shot please!

I didn’t really get this one the first time through. I was lost in the inquiry of the story. Just WHAT are these people doing?

When I looked again, I could see the genius emerge like a crab from beneath a protective rock. The sheer lifting strength it took to get this story to us amazes me today. See if you can follow this frenetic pace and grasp the accomplishment that is rushing past you!

When I watch this, I am encouraged to swing for the fence!

A Fable, a Culprit, and a Winner!

In the 2008 season of the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project, one of the more exotic genre choices was “Fable.” The team that made this movie drew it and needed to figure out how to use their best location (a Catholic Church in Alameda) to fold into such a story.

Their cinematography and interesting performances by their cast made this a City Winner.

We always liked frogs – so maybe this was really a Tragedy.

Love and Peanut Butter

In the first San Jose 48 Hour Film Project, the competitors were instructed to use peanut butter as a prop in their 48 hour movie. This led to assaults by peanut butter, atomized peanut butter being sprayed over the mayor, a death by falling peanut butter jar, and one of our favorites, the creamy spread being used as an aphrodisiac.

Don’t try this in your real-life relationship.

Not Quite Terrifying

…this might be the first glimpse I had of the new world of web series.  I know I was not the only one to wonder what would happen if Darth Vader’s brother had a terrible job at a supermarket as an assistant manager.  You may enjoy this series too.

This series is in its third season now. I’m a little jealous of these guys. But I’m glad they’ve taken this concept and built it into a very successful franchise.

Where It All Began

When we consider the factors that contribute to a great web series, we have to admit that one of them is simplicity. Mr. Deity uses pretty basic production values and focuses its effort on exceptional writing and great comic delivery. It takes a lot of guts to cast yourself as The Almighty, but it sure is funny when you get it right.

We sometimes offer this next episode as a great starting place for people new to the series.

It’s likely that the series creator (and star) Brian Keith Dalton will roast in hell one day, but he’ll have a lot of fans when he gets there! Besides, he really digs the decorator (and boss).

Trust us, this is worth your 4 minutes