Where It All Began

When we consider the factors that contribute to a great web series, we have to admit that one of them is simplicity. Mr. Deity uses pretty basic production values and focuses its effort on exceptional writing and great comic delivery. It takes a lot of guts to cast yourself as The Almighty, but it sure is funny when you get it right.

We sometimes offer this next episode as a great starting place for people new to the series.

It’s likely that the series creator (and star) Brian Keith Dalton will roast in hell one day, but he’ll have a lot of fans when he gets there! Besides, he really digs the decorator (and boss).


What’s worth watching online?

Did the world really need another WordPress.com blog?

Perhaps not, but I’m using this one to aggregate mentions of online content that I like.  There are several obvious suspects, and I’ll link to many of them right away.

I think that as I build this content stream, I’ll find a bunch of other sources of great content that will show up well here.  Let’s take a look…

Trust us, this is worth your 4 minutes