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Maps and History

You may have quibbles with the underlying dataset, or with the style of this depiction, but you can’t deny that this way of viewing the events of history opens up new ideas and questions for discussion.

We found a treasure trove of similar video that addresses both historical and contemporary events in this same visual fashion. We were left with a lot of questions.

Emoji Life

Okay, we don’t usually run commercials in our stream here (until now), but this one was just too irresistible.

The thing is, this is probably something we’d have wanted to make if we had the budget to get in the delightful details that make this worth watching again and again.

We’re off to take one more look!

Amazed Again

…I’ve been a fan of Animusic for some time. (Indeed, when I first discovered the animated music video series, I drove friends crazy by playing them over and over again.)

Well here’s one I’d never seen before and it reminded me why I loved the originals so much. I seldom want to cheer at the end of a music video, but this one… well, check it out for yourself.

Although we can’t claim for the brilliance here, it is true that we conceived Be My Guest as a platform to bring you work from amazing artists that we see all over. Hope you’ll tune in.