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Deux ex Musica

We’ve long been delighted and intrigued by the fanciful music machines contrived for the Animusic series. Even decades after the premiere of that video series, the virtual devices that appeared to make music with their gears and pulleys continues to entertain us.

Now there’s a “living breathing” example of such a machine. Take a look!

We stand in awe, and will most certainly annoy many of those around us by replaying this video over and over for the next few weeks.

Last Century Right Now

We’re always looking for a delicious and fresh approach to musical favorites. We found this (and more) with Postmodern Jukebox.

This track takes a popular Taylor Swift tune and covers it in classic Motown style. It reminds us of a time when fat sound used to mean something!

If you liked it, the band is running a Patreon campaign now. That means you can become a backer of the band by putting your money where your heart is.

There’s also a chance to see them live in concert during their upcoming tour. Check out the tour dates.

Listen to the Art

The folks at 48 Hour Film Project wanted to see what would happen if they paired up some of their most talented competitors with prominent Bay Area artists.

The result was a collection of clips called ArtShots.

This short perspective on musicians Bev & Greg (Bev Barnett and Greg Newlon) evoked the spririt of their music and brought us a glimpse into their lives together as artists.

ArtShots and the 48 Hour Film Project are designed to inspire talented media artists to show off their skill.

In San Francisco right now, you can see what Bay Area filmmakers have created for the 11th 48 Hour Film Project to be held in the City by the Bay. Premiere screenings for the films in the competition can be seen at the Clay Theater on Fillmore St.

Tickets are available online here.