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No, It’s Not My Eyes

We came across this short film recently through a friend. It’s perfect! Simple set, simple story, moving performance.

Not to oversell it or anything, but go ahead and see if you can keep your eyes dry.

Many of our fans and friends tell us that they think this story is about them. The one take-away they all report in common is, “keep creating, keep performing, keep sharing your art, because someday that magic moment will come together and you want to be there!”

Maybe that magic moment for you is to have your next short movie shown in front of a full-house audience. It’s why they have the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.

Learn more about it and sign up now if you have your own story to tell. You’ll never forget it, we promise!

Split Perspective

Life works out better when we realize that everything is perceived through split perspective. Here’s a great reminder of that from the talented folks at LifeUp! Productions.

You can see more great #48hfp movies by subscribing to Facebook groups for the competition in your city. Here are two that are certain to have great information for you as the season unfolds.

San Jose – https://www.facebook.com/sj48hfp/

San Francisco – https://www.facebook.com/sf48hfp/


Ovation Pictures creates something almost every year for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. Fans of Be My Guest and of this blog have seen many of their contributions to the 48HFP catalog.

This entry won them the Producers’ Choice Award, their second such award in a row for San Jose. We think you’ll like it too.

The San Jose competition for 2016 is planned for the springtime, and viewers of Be My Guest will be seeing more of Ovation Pictures in the coming season.

2013 San Jose 48HFP Awards Finalists Announced

San Jose 48 Hour Film Project
Check out the Finalists!

It’s official. The jury finalists for the 2013 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project are online.

The names of the top contenders for jury awards including the prestigious Best of City are not public and can be seen on this page.

The jury decisions are being tabulated and the names of the winners will be announced on Monday, Sept 2 at 7pm PDT. The results will be announced during an online virtual screening that will feature many of the top finishers along with some other fun content from the competition season.

The screening will appear on Livestream, hosted by one of our sponsors, Schoolhouse Earth.  You can tune in from any web browser or streaming video device. If you’d like to follow the screening from a mobile device, you can monitor the event on Twitter by following the #48hfp hashtag.

Full instructions are available on the nomination page.

A Friend for Life

This film from the Edinburgh 48 Hour Film Project brought home multiple awards — and frankly could have probably captured others in many of the 120+ cities worldwide where the competition occurs.

Let’s be clear about this.  This movie was conceived, written, shot, and edited in just two days. If you’re a filmmaker, you have to be humbled by this accomplishment.

The intrepid heroes who made 48 Hour movies in San Jose this year will learn who won awards from the jury at the end of this week.  Keep an eye out here or on the official FB page (http://facebook.com/sj48hfp) for new details.

San Jose 2013 48HFP Audience Choice Awards

These are the top finishers for the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project Audience Choice Awards. (in alphabetical order)

Group A

Group B

These films will appear in the virtual online screening on the evening of Sunday, Aug 25th, and the winners will be announced at the end.

Want to see the screening? You can watch it live on the Schoolhouse Earth Livestream channel (http://livestream.com/schoolhouseearth), or from your mobile device, monitor the Twitter hashtag #sj48hfpaudience throughout the evening.

The screening begins at 7:30 PDT. All six films will screen, and then the announcement will occur at the end of the show.

We hope to see you there.

How to Watch the Virtual Screening

If you are at your computer, simply fire up the web browser and tune in to http://livestream.com/schoolhouseearth. You’ll see a short ad, and then the programming will begin. You’ll see the program at its current point, along with the rest of the audience.

From your mobile device, simply start your favorite Twitter app, and monitor the hashtag #sj48hfpaudience and watch for updates to appear about every 10 minutes. Each update will contain a link to the next film in the screening and you can view it at your leisure. The announcement of winners will appear at approximately 8:30pm PDT.

Where ARE Those Voices Coming From

I thought it was only me, but perhaps others can also hear the voices in my head.

Maybe the voice in my head isn’t the same as yours.

Surely there is something about it all that puzzles the characters in this next story. If you can quiet your own voices, then relax and enjoy Transistor.

This film brought home multiple awards for its filmmakers in the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project.

Stories from the 2016 San Jose competition are about to appear in the theater on April 27 and 28. You can get tickets here now.