See It For Real

Okay, we’ve been telling you about cool things to see online for a long time now. (This our 301st post in fact.) Now there’s going to be a TV series written for movie screens (before the main feature) and for select local broadcast markets. And OF COURSE we’ll release episodes online after the premiere. The seriesContinue reading “See It For Real”

Starting Somewhere

It’s sort of a cliche’ that many now famous actors and musicians got their start while helping diners decide from among the specials. Here are two of today’s stars as they looked long ago, and a much humbler setting. (I guess that’s what we could call Dana Carvey’s old show.) Next year, you can expectContinue reading “Starting Somewhere”

Where Do We (really) Belong

We have a standing rule here about length of the video. Generally, it has to be under 7 minutes long to be shown here unless you’re really fabulous. Someone was! This short film from Scott Thierauf takes us through an amazing adventure, and one that will be familiar to many of us. Who will we beContinue reading “Where Do We (really) Belong”

All By Myself (really)

Most of us have a secret wish. Only occasionally is it to be alone in an airport overnight. Richard Dunn did have that wish and he took full advantage of the opportunity. More of the story behind the making of this silly but impressive music video can be found in this article on Gawker. AndContinue reading “All By Myself (really)”

Seriously, I Dig Your Chakra

For some of us, the cultural tone of yoga calls out. No matter what tho’ … it’s fun to fling the lingo. We dare you not to laugh (and especially not to chortle) as you meet – Yoga Girl! The creators of this piece were featured in our pages before. If you enjoyed this, jumpContinue reading “Seriously, I Dig Your Chakra”

PanReality Media Seeks Communications Director

PanReality Media is seeking a communications director to start immediately. This is a part-time position with very flexible working conditions, designed to fit the schedule of someone with a full time job elsewhere. Compensation package consists of significant equity in a vigorous emerging media company comprised of, and owned by, a troupe of talented performersContinue reading “PanReality Media Seeks Communications Director”

What Does It All Mean?

In the age of Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – who can  tell what we’re really saying. The characters in this story endeavor to unravel the mystery, and probably just add to the confusion with their antics. See if you can work it all out as you enjoy Love in the Time of Texting. ThisContinue reading “What Does It All Mean?”

Tweet It, and It’s True

We all know, if you see it on Twitter, then it must be true. But what happens to an old-school cop who is forced to partner up with a young gun who nows just what to do with modern social media? Take a look at Tweet, the Movie and see for yourself. This film wasContinue reading “Tweet It, and It’s True”