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Break Three Records At Once

Readers of this blog will already know that we cannot resist a good fractal animation or autonomous musical device. Another thing we can’t resist is a great chain reaction.

This video has the biggest one ever, and more! It shows the world record for the most number of disc cases toppled in domino fashion, the largest stick bomb, and the largest domino wall in history.

Visit their channel on YouTube for all the details. Subscribe if you like what you see and want to encourage them to do more.


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Boys Cannot Resist…

We’re told that there are some things that boys naturally cannot resist. Trying to fix something that no one asked them to fix. Trying to find a route through the mountains using only dead-reckoning. (Maybe using a map in a pinch.) And stomping in a puddle if it’s close enough to reach with their feet.

And then there’s this.

We have to confess, there was some clapping in our offices just prior to the end of this video.