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Cool Music

Two things that should be guaranteed to cross political and cultural boundaries, music and nature, come together in this moving piece.

We’re inspired by both the raw beauty of the setting, and the calm mastery of the performance. Hope you’ll like it too.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we all go about telling it in different ways.

If your way of telling your stories is through film and video, you may want to take advantage of the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project coming up soon. Registration is still in the Early Bird phase, so if you want to get started with team building right away, you can save a few bucks.

We’ll have more to say about it as it draws closer.

Memoria Musica

Music can take many places in our lives. It can recreate a heartbreak, inspire us to joy or to glory, or it can memorialize a loving relationship that is now complete.

Joe DeRose can often be seen playing in Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. Keep an eye out for your next chance to see him live. (http://www.joederosedrums.com/)

Not Let Down at All

We sometimes long for the glory days of the music video. Indeed, we can remember the days when MTV actually had music, and the days when every giant new album came out with a breathtaking music video to accompany it.

This video restores our faith in the genre however. Hope you like it. (By the way, run this out to full screen and turn the sound up – you’ll be glad you did.)

We encourage emerging musicians to style up, make a strong partnership with a video production team that can do them justice, and then just go rock it!