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Cool Music

Two things that should be guaranteed to cross political and cultural boundaries, music and nature, come together in this moving piece.

We’re inspired by both the raw beauty of the setting, and the calm mastery of the performance. Hope you’ll like it too.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we all go about telling it in different ways.

If your way of telling your stories is through film and video, you may want to take advantage of the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project coming up soon. Registration is still in the Early Bird phase, so if you want to get started with team building right away, you can save a few bucks.

We’ll have more to say about it as it draws closer.

Memoria Musica

Music can take many places in our lives. It can recreate a heartbreak, inspire us to joy or to glory, or it can memorialize a loving relationship that is now complete.

Joe DeRose can often be seen playing in Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. Keep an eye out for your next chance to see him live. (http://www.joederosedrums.com/)

Deux ex Musica

We’ve long been delighted and intrigued by the fanciful music machines contrived for the Animusic series. Even decades after the premiere of that video series, the virtual devices that appeared to make music with their gears and pulleys continues to entertain us.

Now there’s a “living breathing” example of such a machine. Take a look!

We stand in awe, and will most certainly annoy many of those around us by replaying this video over and over for the next few weeks.

Travel in Time

In the 1970s, no one really knew what would happen to Lyle Lovett and Nanci Griffith. They were just hard working and talented musicians in a time and place that was amenable to their dreams.

This rare video contains a performance that looks like just about any other ordinary backyard barbeque somewhere in Texas. For fans of either, this is a wonderful glimpse of two young future stars.

The next time your party or barbeque is graced with a live musical performance, maybe you’ll look at the stage and imagine something great for the folks standing there.

Certainly, every time people perform music live for you to hear, it’s an amazing gift. Thank them properly.

Behind the Drunk Dialing

Of course you’ve never done it, but sometimes people drink a little too much and make a call late at night to tell someone how they really feel. (Hint Alert!) It’s usually a bad idea.

What we can learn from this charming song is: If you do choose to engage in a little drunk dialing or a bit of smashed snapchatting, try not to leave a trace.

Because this!

It’s possible that we actually know who this guy is. But we’re party to a non-disclosure agreement that prevents us from revealing our suspicions.