Small Block, Big Lawn

Sometimes we do things because we think it’s a better way. Sometimes we do things because there’s a chance that it will make a difference, or solve a long-standing problem, or improve a condition we see around us. And sometimes we do something just because of the sound! There’s just something about that sound thatContinue reading “Small Block, Big Lawn”

Just 207 Words

We haven’t had a lot of chances to watch Louis CK work a crowd, but this seemed like a good time. Nerdwriter1 decided to illustrate the anatomy of both a Louis CK joke, and his masterful delivery. We thought it wise to watch some of his work before studying this analysis, and were delighted byContinue reading “Just 207 Words”

You Could Look Right Inside

We’ve all probably seen some animation about how an internal combustion engine works. Usually it’s when we don’t care and we just want permission to take the car keys. But somehow, seeing the real thing happen in slow motion, and right in front of your eyes — it’s a different thing. We were afraid thatContinue reading “You Could Look Right Inside”

No, It’s Not My Eyes

We came across this short film recently through a friend. It’s perfect! Simple set, simple story, moving performance. Not to oversell it or anything, but go ahead and see if you can keep your eyes dry. Many of our fans and friends tell us that they think this story is about them. The one take-awayContinue reading “No, It’s Not My Eyes”

Grilling Deep Dive

We all know that cooking is both a science and an art. In fact, maybe most art is a science and an art. This clip brings the both into focus as we see how to sear the surface of a good steak. Okay, Now we’re hungry! Hey just a reminder YouTubers and filmmakers. There’s still a chanceContinue reading “Grilling Deep Dive”

Fire an Arrow? I Think NOT Sir!

We love to see the battles in movies where they use fire arrows. It seems like such a good idea on a movie screen. But would it really work? This charming video explores the matter. It’s longer than we normally post, but we couldn’t stop watching because the narrator is just so darned engaging. BeContinue reading “Fire an Arrow? I Think NOT Sir!”

New Connections All Over

Have you ever seen the BBC program “Connections” with James Burke? Chances are, if you have a television (still) you’ve come across it at least once. For those of you who admired the show, or James Burke greatly and wish there were more, here’s someone who may one day fill his shoes. Tom Scott isContinue reading “New Connections All Over”

Memoria Musica

Music can take many places in our lives. It can recreate a heartbreak, inspire us to joy or to glory, or it can memorialize a loving relationship that is now complete. Joe DeRose can often be seen playing in Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. Keep an eye out for your next chance to seeContinue reading “Memoria Musica”

Marble Racing – How Did We Miss This?

For a long time, we were a fan of college basketball, but we found that most fans were just hoping for their bets to pan out. Then we followed celebrity poker for a bit, and that offered some entertainment, but really lacked the drama we craved. Professional wrestling held an allure, but we soon realizedContinue reading “Marble Racing – How Did We Miss This?”