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Grilling Deep Dive

We all know that cooking is both a science and an art. In fact, maybe most art is a science and an art.

This clip brings the both into focus as we see how to sear the surface of a good steak.

Okay, Now we’re hungry!

Hey just a reminder YouTubers and filmmakers. There’s still a chance to get the Early Bird rate for registration in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project.  It’s a great way for you to get to tell your own stories.

What You Didn’t Know About Marsupials

How often do you get to learn True Facts about nature in a video that is almost certainly NSFW?

Here’s your chance now!

We have to confess that we’re binge-watching the whole series now. What we love most about this series is that it’s not afraid to offend any species. We particularly enjoyed the segments about underwater creatures.

Good Sense, and Good Haircuts

We came across this piece on YouTube recently and realized that there is an awful lot of good advice on the video sharing platform.

It’s hard to know where to look for the best of it, but that’s why you have us!

Even if you don’t need a good haircut, or even if you know how to ask for one … it’s good to know that folks out there are creating content like this.

All By Myself (really)

Most of us have a secret wish. Only occasionally is it to be alone in an airport overnight.

Richard Dunn did have that wish and he took full advantage of the opportunity.

More of the story behind the making of this silly but impressive music video can be found in this article on Gawker.

And of course, no reader could be faulted for wanting to follow Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

One thing this project proves is that with a simple, clear idea, some hard work, and a tool like an iPhone, you can tell a great story and have a blast doing it.

This is what it’s like to make a 48 Hour Film Project movie.  The best ones, and the ones that do well with audiences and judges are simple, clear, and well executed.

You can see how this year’s San Francisco crop came out. The films will premiere on June 17-19 at the Clay Theater. Tickets and details can be found at the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project City Page.

2013 San Jose 48HFP Awards Finalists Announced

San Jose 48 Hour Film Project
Check out the Finalists!

It’s official. The jury finalists for the 2013 San Jose 48 Hour Film Project are online.

The names of the top contenders for jury awards including the prestigious Best of City are not public and can be seen on this page.

The jury decisions are being tabulated and the names of the winners will be announced on Monday, Sept 2 at 7pm PDT. The results will be announced during an online virtual screening that will feature many of the top finishers along with some other fun content from the competition season.

The screening will appear on Livestream, hosted by one of our sponsors, Schoolhouse Earth.  You can tune in from any web browser or streaming video device. If you’d like to follow the screening from a mobile device, you can monitor the event on Twitter by following the #48hfp hashtag.

Full instructions are available on the nomination page.

Where ARE Those Voices Coming From

I thought it was only me, but perhaps others can also hear the voices in my head.

Maybe the voice in my head isn’t the same as yours.

Surely there is something about it all that puzzles the characters in this next story. If you can quiet your own voices, then relax and enjoy Transistor.

This film brought home multiple awards for its filmmakers in the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project.

Stories from the 2016 San Jose competition are about to appear in the theater on April 27 and 28. You can get tickets here now.